All employees need to be sensitive to the idea that consumers may make a complaint in a variety of ways, including a phone call, voice mail, email or regular mail.  Any employee can receive a complaint; therefore all employees have access to and the ability to direct a consumer to complete a complaint intake form.  This initiates our consumer complaint resolution process.  The goal is to resolve the complaint within five business days.

In order to meet this goal, if an intake form is provided to the employee, employees are required to forward the intake form the day it is received to the Title Complaint Coordinators at [email protected]

Upon receipt of the complaint, an automated response will be sent to the submitter of the complaint assigning a tracking number and giving contact information of the complaint coordinator.

The complaint coordinator initiates and maintains a complaint log in Request Tracker and will either handle the resolution of the complaint directly or, if necessary, assign the complaint to the next resolution level before the end of the second day.

The next level will contact the consumer by the end of the fourth day to explain the resolution or communicate the steps to resolution.

If Level 2 is unable to resolve the complaint by the end of the fourth day, they will assign the complaint to the third and final level of resolution.  At that time, an update will be provided to the consumer.

Should a resolution not be possible by the end of the fifth day, consumer updates will be communicated each day thereafter.